Welcome to the official PlipMC store!

Here you can buy ranks, perks and more!

Usernames are Case-Sensitive.

Server Address: PlipMC.net 

Please note that all purchases are final and once you purchase your package you cannot be refunded. Please make sure you are above the age of 18, or ask a parent before purchasing a rank or package. 


Also note that all purchaces are automaticly done, but you may have to wait some time before you recieve your package.


      1.       PlipMC has the right to ban you, the donator, at any time, for a reason upheld by PlipMC'srules or normal community guidelines.

2.       Charging back will result in a ban from The PlipMC Network. There will be no appeals and you, the donator, will not be able to hold an alternate account on the server, as well.

3.       You, the donator, recognize that you are over 18 years of old at time of purchase, or have consulted and received aproval from a parent or legal guardian to purchase a rank on our server. Due to this, you, the donator, recognize and forfeit all chances of a PayPal, CreditCard, or other chargebacks.

4.       The PlipMC Network are not affiliated with Mojang, Minecraft, Microsoft, or any company(ies) hired or used for the making of a plugin(s) on our server, so you, the donator, agree to not ask previously mentioned entities for your money back or support in the case of a chargeback.

5.       The PlipMC Network have the right to change or remove any package(s), item(s), etc. or to change the pricing of any package(s), item(s), etc. on The PlipMC Network's own terms without prior consent from you, the donator.

6.       You, the donator, realize your items are virtual and are seen as donations to the server for your enjoyment and to keep the server running. Due to these items being virtual, you, the donator, realize they hold no monetary value and cannot be sold, traded, etc. for items that do contain monetary value including but not limited to: cash, credit, physical items, and services. Transfers of your donations will not be honored or supported.



TOS (Refund Policy and Handling Chargebacks)

1.       PlipMC will not issue refunds based on your view of server performance, staff members, affiliated members, server attributes and 'experience,' glitching, losing your items, etc.

2.       If someone has donated for you, the player, and you, the player, can prove it, The PlipMC Network will remove your ban and allow you, the player, to keep playing without the item. If you, the player, used the item (say a key, sword, armor, etc.), you, the player, will be expected to pay it back. While we reserve your right to hold an item and be unbanned, we will not allow you, the player, to use the item to an advantage (as deemed an advantage by The PlipMC Network) without paying for it.

3.       If you, the donator, have chargebacked and would like to be unbanned, you, the donator, can pay back the chargeback. There will be a 10% handling fee (for time spent in the chargeback case) on your entire purchase chargebacked on.

4.       If your parent or guardian would like you, the donator, to be able to charge back without being banned, you would need to contact a staff member to get an admin. We understand all cases of 'he/she got my credit card' and we don't want anyone to be financially burdened by our server. Keep in mind that your child's in-game progress and items may be reset based on the items bought.

If you, the donator, have agreed to these TOS, you, the donator, are cleared to donate to The PlipMC Network. You, the donator, have now agreed to these terms on donating and they will be enforced to the highest of standards.